Why social media marketing?

The entire world is getting connected through social media platforms.It is confirmed that  95% of online population use social media. There is no reason why top businesses as yours should not exploit the benefits of this situation. All businesses are planning high customer reach through social media marketing and you should stay ahead of tough competition. Planning effective social media marketing is a right decision that you should take forth as an immediate action. There are plenty of solid reasons to opt this marketing solution and seek the services of leading social media marketing agency in London as Accosuk.

Our Process

We assess the needs and demands of our clients and look at the existing Social Media channels and what to change to transform the business.

Key to success is finding out the audience and what they want and then create stunning social media ads and content to generate the growth.

For successful campaigns, we plan and execute productive campaigns across wide range of social media channels and optimise over time.

For successful campaigns, we plan and execute productive campaigns across wide range of social media channels and optimise over time.

We monitor, manage and optimise using social media tools to track the progress and engagement of the ad campaigns in a timely and accurate manner

We track down your promotion’s reach, traffic, conversions and engagement and work to optimise the campaigns to enhance the performance.

Here are few top reasons:

  • Connect with a multitude of customers
  • Reach to global customers
  • Most effective marketing channel
  • Best platform for customer engagement
  • Easy connectivity to diverse customer groups worldwide
  • Plan well-targeted social media campaigns
  • Ideal, catalyst platform for boosting brand awareness

With a multitude of users browsing social media platforms, there are no better platforms or wiser options to engage with whopping numbers of potential customers. While businesses benefit with the huge audience of potential customers, users gain exposure to endless brands, their products and services.

They want to benefit from the great exposure to multiple businesses online posting details on social media. Thus, the symbiotic association with of businesses and users hold an in-depth chemistry.

Social Media Management

Build your brand by Social Media! We manage your Social Media pages with regular and relevant social media contents.

Social Media Marketing

Reach your audience and increase your exposure! We provide Social Media Campaigns for any budget on flexible monthly plans.

Custom Made Ads

Bespoke Designs, Custom made Banners, Short Videos, Animations, Creatives are posted for your business, products and services.

Multiples Social Networks

By combining different Social Networks and running the campaigns, you can run it efficiently and improve the performance

Reach our top social media agency in London, Accosuk

At Accosuk, we deliver strategy, offer consultation, and plan effective social media marketing. Our social media marketing agency in London has boosted businesses to highest popularity online and we have acquired global customer connectivity through social media.

Our strife is to scale revenue, shoot up customer loyalty, plan radical online growth and engagement. As a popular social media agency in London, we confirm on providing you best benefits through our success-oriented social media strategies. In-house experts identify your audience, observe the trends and factors that have marked the success of competitors. We have ample experience in scaling brand awareness. Accosuk team plans great engagement with existing audience and also find new audience to target with our social media campaigns.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is marketing via social media (SMM) that leverages the power of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, etc.


In 2022, there are 6.5 billion social media users, that is 58.7% of the total population. Brands must penetrate effectively and engage online audiences to enhance and elevate their presence and paid social media is the best tool for accomplishing this.  

Why Social Media Marketing?

Every business can benefit from social media marketing, regardless of whether they’re established or start-ups. Here are a few advantages of SMM for business marketing;

One of the most significant marketing objectives is to create a face for the brand so that customers can recognize it and buy the products or services they need from a recognizable source. As a result, the customer will know more about the brand and be more likely to trust it. 

With quality clickable content, social media marketing can reach the right audience among the billions of users on social media. SMM is simply effortless marketing at an affordable price.


The most economical way to improve brand loyalty is social media platforms. Brands achieve this by offering relevant and popular quality contents, regular presences on various platforms, and social media applications and also by rewarding audience engagement.

Consumers become emotionally connected to the brand as a result of constant interaction with it, leading to irreplaceable brand authority.

As compared to other marketing platforms, the conversion rate becomes higher when you reach the right consumer.


We were not aware of the power of social media marketing. As a textile company, we were facing lot of competition and our business was running low. Our company planned social media marketing and we availed the services of Accosuk. Within months, great results and business growth was attained. Our management has decided to continue social media marketing campaigns as the results are high.

Maddy Pearson

I wanted good customer connectivity for my start-up organization. Opted for social media marketing campaigns from Accosuk. There was a drastic difference in customer growth within short span. We are pleased with Accosuk services. Want to continue social media marketing campaigns with them in future too!

Emma Whyte

Was searching for social media management agency in London. Found Accosuk. Opted for social media marketing. Their consistent campaigns fetched good results for my business. I am pleased that I chose the experienced social media marketers as now my clients numbers have multiplied well..

Jen Rider

How to choose the right social media channel for your business:

When it comes to the above-mentioned filter process, it is best to discuss your marketing objective with a consultant or social media managing company, so they can shed some light on it.

SMM can help boost SEO rankings to some extent. Producing long-lasting quality content through social media is one way to accomplish this. Regular interaction on brand social accounts indicates that the posts are useful to the target market, which will positively affect your Google ranking.


These are the few of the many benefits of SMM. 


Choosing a social media consultant you can trust and rely on is very important, since they will be handling your brand’s face and that is where we come in, Accosuk, one of the top social media marketing companies in London.

We’re a leading social media marketing agency in London with over 12 years of agency experience handling a wide range of reputed clients in the UK. 

Choose the right social media platforms for marketing your brand. You should know where your customers are and push your content through those channels effectively. There are so many social media platforms.

It can be confusing to choose the right one for your business. 

Looking for a trustworthy social media marketing agency in london ?

We at Accosuk, deliver the best of what you’re looking for. We are one of the top social media management agencies in London, offering solutions that will increase your social media ROI and CTR. We thoroughly monitor the results so that we can modify our applied strategy and change our tactics as needed.


Small or big business paid socials are worth it.


Innovative strategy combined with creativity to engage the audience and enhance brand identity and position is our style of approach.

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